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Letter size Sheets (401kb PDF) - Legal size Sheets (435kb PDF)

Awana Progress Sheets

Chums Maiden Test Sheet (51kb PDF)

These sheets are for record keeping in the Awana program. At over six years of continuous refinement they are very accurate and complete. They are also much easier to use than the official system. Instructions are included.

The files are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use them. You can check if you have it by clicking on the Test Sheet. If you see the form, you have it. If you don't, you may need to download Acrobat Reader.

To download the sheets, right click (or equivelent) on the link and choose Save As or Save Link As. Or you can just view them by clicking on them. Then you can save by clicking on the save button on the Acrobat Toolbar.

When printing out from Acrobat Reader, be sure that "Fit to page" in the Print dialog box is not checked. Otherwise everything will come out smaller than it should be.

If any of the lines on the printout look wrong (to dark/light wide/narrow), try selecting "Print as image" in the Print dialog box.

There are 56 pages. The two PDF files are identical except that one is legal and the other letter size. At the moment I do not have an A4 size, though they will fit onto A4 paper.

The reason for having both letter and legal is that many printers refuse to print on the last inch of paper unless you fool it by telling it you're printing on legal. To test if your printer has a problem, download the test page and print it out on letter size paper. If the first page (letter) does not print the bottom of the page, but the second page (legal) is ok, you'll need to download the legal sized PDF. If the first page (letter) comes out OK, download the letter sized PDF, it usually gives fewer headaches.

If both the letter and legal pages are chopped off at the bottom, you'll need to tell you printer you're using legal size paper (but still only use letter size paper in the printer). Or you can go get yourself a better printer.

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