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Bethy Story: Page 7

....turned and smacked him and knocked him out! "Ha, ha, ha!" she laughed. "You think you can kill me? Ha!" As Layzie was gaining his consciousness, Beth hopped on her horse and rode off by herself into the setting sun. "I must return to Emilio and Allen Wesley, my true love." As she rode, the sun began to go down quickly, and all too soon, Beth found herself lost in the thick Forrest of Lovers. As she carefully rode on, she felt a branch touch her arm. "What?" she wondered aloud. She turned and saw a monstrous tree who had successfully entangled her arm in it's branches. "I am the tree of lovers past," said the tree. "You thought Allen Wesley was your true lover? What about Robert? Was it not he who swept you away last year?" Beth thought. "Yes," she said. Suddenly, another branch grabbed her arm. "I am the tree of lovers present," said the tree. "Allen Wesley is your true love, you say? I'm warning you," said the tree. "Of what? asked Beth, in a confused state. Then, yet another branch grabbed her arm. "I am the tree of lovers future," said the tree. "Allen Wesley will not be the last of your lovers. In fact, he is about as sincere as Layzie....."

Hannah Workman