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Emo the Emoticon

Welcome to the land of Emo the Emoticon. Ever feel that smilies just weren't enough? You were right! Here's Emo. Feel free to use him whenever there's a feeling you wish to express, but have a hard time doing so.

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Chapter 2

17 And BEN formed Emo of the characters of the font, and breathed a sigh of relief; and Emo became a joke. 18 And BEN said, It is not good that Emo should be alone; I will make a help meet for him. 19 And out of the characters BEN formed a limited number of badly formed animals; and brought them to Emo to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Emo called every living creature, that was the name thereof. 20 And Emo gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and all the beast of the field; but for Emo there was not found an help meet for him. 21 And BEN caused a deep sleep to fall upon Emo, and he slept: and He took of his mouth, and closed up the flesh thereof; 22 And the mouth, which BEN had taken from Emo, made He an Emouth, and brought her to Emo. 23 And Emo said, This is now mouth of my mouth, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Emouth, because she talks too much and I have a bad sense of humor. 24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they shall be one character. 25 And they were both naked, Emo and his wife, because of the limited number of characters available.

Chapter 3

20 And Emo called his wife's name Sandra, just because he liked the name.


  []---\\-(^:|  Emo smiling

  []---\\-o^:|  Emo gasping

  []---\\-O^:|  Emo yelling

  []---\\-(^;|  Emo winking

  []---\\-)^:| Emo frowning

  []---\\-|]^#|  Emo died

  []---\\-(^8|  Emo wearing glasses

  []--[\|-(^:|  Emo is a cross dresser

  []---\\-|#^:|  Emo's lips are sealed

  []---\/-(^:|  Emo clapping

  []---\\-(>^:|  Emo feels old

  []---\\-(~^:|  Emo's nose is running

  []---\\-~(^:|  Emo is drooling

  []---\\-<(^:|  Emo has a goatee

  (^ :|  Emo as the butt of a no arms and no legs joke

  []-   -\\-(^:|  Emo broke his leg

  []---Y-(^:|  Emo is grabbing something

  []---\_-(^:|  Emo is hiking

  []---\\-o^"|  Emo spots a voman

  []---Y-(^$|  Emo is greedy

  []---\\'-(^:|  Emo giving a present

  []---Y-(^|  Emo is just a little greedy

  |-\/'-(^:|  Emo proposing

  []---\\"-(^:|  Emo flipping a coin

  []---U-(^:|  Emo giving a hug

  []---H-)^:|  Emo has handcuffs on

  []---\\-()^:|  Emo talking

  []---\\-o^ |  Emo kissing

  []---\\-O^ |  Emo french kissing

  []---\\-(^ | -N  Emo tired/sleeping

  []---\\-(^ |  Emo daydreaming

  []---\\-|^  |  Emo needs a haircut

  []---\\\-((^^::|  Emo shivering

  []------\\---( ^ : |  Emo feels big

  []-\\-)^:|  Emo feels depressed

  [--]~{^:|  Emo is a raving lunatic

  []---\\  -)^:|  Emo's heart is empty

  []--  \\-)^:|  Emo's stomach is empty

  []---\\-|   |  Emo's head is empty

  []---\\-(^:|>  Emo is a dunce

  []---\\-(^:  )  Emo is smart

  []---\\-(^:     )  Emo has a big head

  L---\\-(^:|  Emo wearing sandals

  []_--\\-(^:|  Emo wearing boots

  l---\\-(^:|  Emo barefoot

  []---\\~-(^:|  Emo in love

  []---\\u-(^:|  Emo loves you

  []---\\G-(^:|  Emo loves God

  []---//-(^:|  Emo giving a thumbs up

  []---\\-O^8|  Emo with a Wedgie

  8L---//-(^:|  Emo roller skating

  []---\\-(^:G|  Emo thinking about God

  []---\\-(^:u|  Emo thinking about you

  []---\\-(^:g|  Emo thinks he is God

  []---\\-(^:U|  Emo thinks he is you

  []---\\-(^:|   . {  Emo is about to get a surprise

  []---\\-|^8|.    {  Emo got a surprise

  []---\\-(_()  Emo is a marshmallow head

  []---//-)^:| ~~  Emo stinks!

  []---\\-(^:|  Emo with a chainsaw

  []_===\/-(^:|  Emo with coat, boots, and pants

  []---\\-(^:|  Emo has a screwdriver

  []---\\-"^:|  Emo giving a little peck

  []---\\-(^:|  Emo with a hammer

  []---\\-(^:|  Emo with axe

  []---\\-(^:|  Emo is the grim reaper

  []---\\-(^:|  Emo golfing

  []---\\-(^:|  Emo sweeping the floor

  []---\\-(^:|  Emo is a sheperd

  []---\\-(^:|  Emo giving roses


  :'o":  Emo's bird

  'Oo:  Emo's cat

  o:  Emo's frog

  :O],:]  Emo's dog

  i=====[]_________['].  Emo's giraffe

  !==============[]__________________['].  Emo's Brachiosaurus

  }-[   - ))) ')>  Emo's fish

  }}-[        ---    ))))) ')>  Emo's shark


  []//( ,:|  Sandra

  ]--<=8-( ,:|  Sandra at the beach

  =//-^:|  Emo's kid



  K(,:  K(^:  Emo's baby Keturah

  H(,:  H(^:  Emo's baby Hermas

  []---\\-(':|  Emo's teenage son

  []//(.:|  Emo's teenage daughter



Emo's Tree

|| || || || || || ||\
|||   |||||||   |||||\
|||   |||||||   ||||||\
|||   |||||||   |||||||\
|||   |||||||   |||||||/
|   .   |||||||||||||||==Y
|||   |||||||   |||||/
|| || || || || || ||/

Emo's House
Emo's Cloud

  |----/  Emo's podium

  =o  Emo's chainsaw

  __[]  Emo's axe

  --I  Emo's hammer

  _____)  Emo's sickle

  ]___  Emo's golf club

  ]\___  Emo's vacuum cleaner

  _____]  Emo's staff

  ---{--{@  Emo's rose


[]\\( ,:|

[]//( , :|



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