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Chapter 2

The plane was just an ordinary plane, the kind airlines by for unknown thousands a dozen. It was an older plane, past its prime. It was on is way from Kingston, Jamaica to Oslo, Norway, which, by strange coincidence, takes it over the Bermuda Triangle.

Inside this average plane, half an hour into its journey from Jamaica to Norway, Isaac had already read everything there was to read on board the plane. Most of the magazines should have been in antique shops, and the most recent was from a company that had gone out of business before he was born. One of the magazines had an article about the type of plane he was on. What was disconcerting, however, was that the article was about the last plane of its kind to be made.

Another article was about the good affects of tea so he recived some from the five foot five inch hostess with blue eyes. He noticed on her white on green uniform a name tag that announced that her name was Joy Zot. He slowly sipped the dark tea for a long time.

As the plane slowly made its way from Kingston to Oslo, on a route that took it over the Bermuda Triangle, something strange happened.

Isaac took a nice nap that lasted all of five minutes. He was rather rudely awakened by the same hostess he had gotten his tea from, who was, at the moment, giving the lady next to him a hamburger, french fries, and grape juice. Her name, he gathered was Catherine Ball. She had just got off working on a film entitled, "Don't Let Fertilizer Get Into Your Pop, A Study On Money." This is not the strange thing that occurred.

Once Isaac had partially awoke, he too was asked if he wanted anything to eat. He did, and got his favorite, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It did not taste all that good. None of this, however, is the strange thing that occurred.

As the plane slowly crossed the Bermuda Triangle its engines stopped working. This, however, was not at all strange. The plane that was flying the seemingly ill fated flight 37 began to go down. Seeing that the engines had stopped working, the occupants of the plane were not all that surprised to see this happening. However, surprised or not, a good majority of the people on the plane went hysterical. How going hysterical helps the human psyche on a plane about to crash into the ocean is beyond most people, and beyond most psychiatrists. The reason behind this bit of trivia is because they are, for the most part, the same people. All the above, however strange or unstrange, was not the strange thing that occurred.

As the beautiful blue ocean rushed up to meet them the hostesses tried hopelessly to restore order. The ride down was very jerky and as Isaac discovered, makes reading a very hard thing to do.

[After the mess is cleaned up after this ride is over the only one who is hurt is David Bases who co-authored the unfamus book Last-Inning Cliffhangers with Richard Loaded, who gets a nasty bruise from a vicious food cart.]

The plane that was flying the seemingly ill fated flight 37 hit the water and stayed together, which was noteworthy, but not strange. The plane continued under the water and did not leak, which was abnormal, but not strange. Some people stopped being hysterical and just fainted, much to the relief of the hostesses. Some people, though, thought it their duty to fill in for their fallen comrades. This hardy group, did not have among its ranks a man named Isaac Stine, who was diligently programming on his laptop, since it could not interfere with the internal working of the plane that was flying the rather strange flight 37. This was the strange thing that happened.