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Chapter 4

An astute observer, if he were watching what was happening to the plane that was flying the seemingly ill fated flight 37, would have noticed that, though below the water, the plane was surrounded by a pocket of air. This was not at all typical and could be called strange if it were not that this air was trapped by a rather overDsized balloon. Also he would have noticed not a greenish hue of a tractor beam surrounding the plane, but a deDcidedly low tech tow cable that extended below the water as far as could be seen that appeared to be pulling the plane.

Inside the plane the pilot was rather annoyed because he figured that he wouldn't get paid for flying this flight.

After a few moments most of the hysterical people became less so, and Isaac kept programming, which was the strange thing that was happening.

After about five minutes of this strangeness everyone on the plane promptly became unconscious.