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Chapter 5

They awoke and found themselves someplace else. Some were curious, others fainted, and some, of course, went hysterical. The room they were in was fairly large, having enough room for everyone to go hysterical in. It had a hard floor and something that looked like a glass dome overhead, only that nothing appeared to be on the other side. There appeared to be a door to one side. Joy tried it and found it locked. In the door there was a transparent hole, which, when looked through, one could see spaghetti like things swimming through semitransparent reddish gunk.

On the other side of the room were two doors that looked amazingly like rest room doors. Many wanted to get in there, but these were locked too.

After most of the people had calmed down or awakened from their faint, an intercom came on. In perfect English a disembodied voice proclaimed, "Greetings and salutations, our dear guests. We hope you have a pleasant day. I am sorry for the rather interesting way you got here, by the totally cool, new and improved, EngineStop, Pull-O-Matic, and the amazing Transport-O-Matic. We have brought you here because of an android that had to be stopped from getting to Norway, if it had it would have settled a family feud that needs to last a bit longer.

"Oh, yea, also it was carrying information which would have led to the destruction of the Earth."

The voice paused for a moment, but then continued, "We are unprepared for you. Please wait where you are until we decide what to do. In the mean time we will provide entertainment for you. Please be patient."

A few moments passed and a very bad holographic recording of Brooks and Dunn began to play in the middle of the room. The music was almost completely intelligible, which was a pity. Some screamed, some groaned, many cheered, but few were indifferent.

Isaac had stopped programming, which was rather interesting, if not strange.

A couple minutes later all the power in the room went out. This caused some to return to hysteria, some to cheer the end of the music, some to groan that the music was over, and still others to discover that the doors were now unlocked.