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Chapter 6

Far, far away a long time ago...

Machiavellian IV

On the planet Machiavellian IV questions were raised. Like does a tree falling in the woods make a sound if no one can here it? Is Schrodingers Cat alive or dead? What is Schrodigers Cat? Why donít computers ever do what you wanít them too? Why are we alive? Why do we ask all these questions? Why do all these questions begin with a W? Who knows? Who cares?

Although why they asked all these questions is unclear it did promote a feeling of uncertienty throughout the general populuce. This uncertianty eventualy led to the formation of trade unions. Then the trade unions led the way to compleat destruction of the economic system. Then the planets inhabitants reverted to primitive living comditions.

Their questions were never answered.

Authors Note:
I can hear all you out there asking stuff like:
Why is the author telling us this?
Where does this fit into the story?
Who does this author think he is?
Why does he go off on these wild tangents?
Why does he write these Author Note things that disrupt the story flow?
Why donít I just skip these compleatly uninformitive Author Note things?
What is Scrodingers Cat?
Why do all these questions begin with W?
Who knows?
Who cares?