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Chapter 7

Isaac stepped through the doors and saw an amazing sight. The door he stepped through had the most interesting door he had ever seen. It appeared to be a normal door with a glass window at first glance, but a closer inspection revealed that the window in it was a double pane window with speggetti poured between the panes, giving the impression that the next room was filled with gunk. Also the door was of amazingly shoddy construction, of the type ruge cabinetmakers make in outrageous amounts in the suburbs of Cleveland. As interesting as the door was however, Isaac failed to notice it much.

When Isaac stepped through this door he, along with the rest of the crowd of people around him, found themselves in a hallway. Some called out to see if anyone was listening, but there was no response. Everyone waited for about five minutes to see if anything would happen. After that people began to get agitated and curios. One or two were still hystarical. So Isaac walked down to one end of the hall and took a look around the corner. There around the corner he saw a door open and two people working in the room it led to. One looked in his early thirties and the other in his mid teens. They appeared to be ripping out a bathtub. Wanting to gather some information about where he was he went in.

"Hello, my nameís Isaac. Could you help me?", asked Isaac.

"Hi", said the older one, "Iím not shure, depends on what you want."

"Well, Iíd like to know where I am."

"Youíre right there", was the reply.

"I know that", responded Isaac, "Um, Whatís this place called?"

"Itís a bathroom", came back rather dryly from the younger of the two annoying literalists.

"OK, whatís the name of the building were in, who owns it?", Isaac asked, still trying to get to the point.

"We arnít supposed to give you that information, itís classified", they replied.

At this point Isaac steped into the room to further converce with these rather anoying people. The two people he was talking to had aparently already taken the old tub out. It had obviosly been leaking because the floor was very rotten. The added waight of Isaac on the floor caused it to colapse and all three people in the room fell through to the room below.