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Chapter 9

"The earthlings have escaped!", someone yelled. "Find them and bring them here! NOW! You slowpokes! I want their heads on my wall!"

"Yes master", came the reply from the tentacled slimy underlings as they left on the hunt. They found Isaac and Joy in the bowling lane and took them to their leader. The underlings all begged the leader to let them perform the execution. But the yellow fanged leader performed the job himself and laughed as Joy and Isaac’s heads rolled to the floor. He then hung their heads on his wall and...

And then Isaac jumped to his feet and let out a little yelp as Joy nudged him.

"I think we ought to take a look around." she told Isaac. Isaac rather hastily agreed that they should move from their present position. They roamed the halls for a while and noticed things, making an inaccurate map as they went. Most noticeably, there were a few pictures on the walls that, in the opinion of many, were terribly mediocre. Almost all the doors apparently needed some kind of key card for one to obtain entrance. There were three that did not. The first was the bowling alley, as it no longer had a door due to the repairmen. The second was a door that had a sign on the outside that said TOP SECRET. It was locked with an amazing array of devices and gadgets. The third appeared to be a lounge with a few chairs in it. This room appeared very inviting, as they were beggining to feel exhausted from the interesting happenings of the day. So they went in and sat down.

The most interesting thing about this occurrence is that, of this time, no English teacher has ever asked their students what the name of the room they went into and sat down in was. The reason for this is that this information is not mearly trivial. In fact, the correct name of the room they had just entered is of the utmost importance.*

For the next few minutes they lamented on how tiered they were and made minor chitchat of the type most novelists (and maybe historians [and no doubt English teachers]) would include as filler to make their books fill the required number of pages and bore the reader to torment worse than death. They caried on like this for a short time until Isacc remarked the following.

"I wish we could get to the next floor up."

At this moment the floor lurched, the lights flickered, and both experienced a sinking feeling..

*Yet another Note from the Author: now that I have said this, invariably your English teacher will ask you this question. Unless, of course, English teachers actually like to read these Authors Note things.