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Chapter 10

When Joy awoke she discovered herself to be lying on the floor. This was not very surprising to her as, being unconcios, it is the natural position to wind up in. She also felt tiered, as she had snot slept in quite some time, and the events of the day had made her extreamly weiry. Because of this she went back to sleep.

When Issac awoke he felt chipper and awake. He then proceded to wake Joy, who mumbled something and rolled over. He shook her a second time and she pulled herself up. She too now felt refreshed and awake. They both then went over to the door and looked out.

They were obviously on the same floor they had began in. They walked down to the door where they had began and opened the door. Inside it looked like they were a hundred feet above the ground, in the Alps, and flying. And then, Julie Andrews belting out a tune you sould already be able to guess. Joy loved it.