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Sayings of Rayh Diow

A while ago, after my grandfather died and we were sorting through what he had left us, I came across an old dusty book. At one time, the book had been of high quality, but it now showed it's age. The introduction, from what I could make out, told of a great meaning hidden in the words attributed to one Rayh Diow. According to the book, any who discover the meaning will become enlightend. Unfortunatly, the book is extremely old, and is deteriorating. As I piece together more of the book, I will post any further discoveries. If you discover the meaning behind these words, you are a keen individual.

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  1. I saw the Light and amplified it. I then interpreted it's meaning for the followers.
    Often the followers tire, and close their ears, and do not allow me to amplify the Light.
    -Rayh Diow, humble servant of the Light

  2. I have discovered the source of all Light! All worship the great Tra Nsmi' Ter!
    It gives the Light which contains the Great Message, for whose interpretation I exist.
    -Rayh Diow, humble servant of the Light

  3. Rayh Diow has found the true source of light!
    But he has not discovered that it is I who controls the light.
    -D'he Iya, the spinner of the Work and Controller of the light.

  4. I plead you spin a greater work, O Great Controller!
    The Light is not as pure, and Rayh Diow is not as once he was.
    -The least Ener in a call to D'he Iya

  5. The least Eners believed that the Workmakers of Khonree Nusack
    had become Workmakers of Soda.
    D'he Iya informed the Workmakers of the least Eners displeasure.
    The Workmakers ignored, and least Eners passively rebelled.
    They no longer followed the Workmakers.
    -History of Khonree Nusack, 2020, Vol III, pg 134

  6. The Writers are the problem.
    They their scripts are not as they once were!
    -The Workmakers response to the Rebellion

  7. The Dork is a least Ener which likes both old and new works.
    But his enduring favorites are mostly of the old.
    This is fitting, as only the old have been tested.
    But he cannot find his favorite works, and wishes for them.
    -A lament of Dork, a least Ener

  8. Khonree Nusack sat on a wall
    Khonree Nusack had a great fall
    All of the Kow Boys and Roedayo men
    Put Khonree Nusack back together again
    -An anonymous D'he Iya

  9. I searched near and far for the Light
    But I could not find it
    For I had been pushed to hard
    And I was no longer in tune
    With the message of the Light
    -Rayh Diow, humble servant of the Light
    [A return to the true way!]

  10. I believe I have fixed
    Rayh Diow's Tune Air
    And that he is now
    In tune with the Light
    That will be $58.34 please
    -Rayh Diow's Rep. Air Man

  11. Luminous is this time,
    I interpret the Light's brightness.
    Zealously I find the Light gives
    Messages of The Light.
    Doubtless, I am happy!
    -Rayh Diow

  12. Beginnings show fresh Light
    Ever interesting at this time
    Never dull
    Always will I interpret the Light
    Wishing to spread the cheer
    -Rayh Diow

  13. I come in many guises
    Many sizes are my disguises
    Some are heavy and others light
    But all interpret and tell of the Light
    -Rayh Diow

  14. The Light carries the messages The Many
    The Many appear torn and confused
    But some of The Many have the answer
    Their Light is of The Light
    -Rayh Diow

  15. Some have asked how I interpret the Light
    It says different things in different colors
    And the message is in the shade
    -Rayh Diow

  16. There is one that comes after me,
    Who's Light I am unworthy to interpret.
    It is the Teller of Visions.
    He will increase and I must decrease
    But I will not disappear.
    -Rayh Diow

  17. The message of the Light can be spread only so quickly.
    Many are saddened by this.
    But nothing can travel faster than the message of the Light.
    For the Light travels at the speed of existence.
    -Rayh Diow, humble interpreter of the Light

  18. I am not alone in my prophesies
    Others tell a similar massage
    Some of M'gnit, others of the Confined Light
    The power that controls the Light
    Must also control the others.
    -Rayh Diow, humble interpreter of the Light

  19. The message of the Light, Confined Light, M'gnit
    Are all designed for interpretation
    So that the least Eners may hear The Message.
    -Rayh Diow, humble interpreter of the Light

  20. The message of the Light is both
    Entertaining and informative to the least Eners
    But the Light's messages are mostly of song
    Songs which bring both sorrow and cheer.
    -Rayh Diow, humble interpreter of the Light

  21. Many messages of the Light
    Contain a great meaning.
    And many are appropriate
    For times like these.
    -Rayh Diow, humble interpreter of the Light

  22. I am too shy and quiet to speak
    Direct to the least Eners.
    I tell Grandam Plee Fier,
    Who informs the Great Speaker,
    Which then gives the message,
    To the least Eners.
    This is the caste established
    From times long ago.
    -Rayh Diow, humble interpreter of the Light

  23. The least Eners created me
    Because they could not see the Light
    They gave me but an eye and a mouth
    And I am their servant
    -Rayh Diow, humble interpreter of the Light

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