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TweakUI (111kb EXE) - Option Registry Settings (5kb REG) - Bump (28kb EXE)

Tips and Tweaks

Windows Registry Guide (offsite)

TweakUI is a Control Panel for Windows 9x and ME. It lets you do lots of things to make Windows act the way it should have out of the box.

The Option Registry Settings pick up where TweakUI leaves off. Download the file and then double click on it. Then open Windows Explorer, and select Folder Options... from the Tools menu. Then click on the View tab in the dialog box. There will be a number of options added to the "Advanced settings:" list box. Please note that installing this may cause problems, including needing to reinstall Windows.

Bump is a small program designed to be placed in your StartUp group on the Start Menu. It prevents the mouse from going to the bottom five pixels of the screen and bottom left hand corner. This is to correct for the inane border around the Taskbar. Using Bump you can just throw your mouse cursor toword the bottom of the screen and click the buttons on the taskbar instead of overshooting and clicking on the few pixels underneath them. Note that Bump interfers with some games like Roller Coaster Tycoon that use the mouse against the bottom of the screen for scrolling. Since Bump has no interface, to exit it you must hit Alt+Ctrl+Del, select Bump from the list and click End Task.

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