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Bethy Story: Page 9

. . . they came upon a freak storm (caused by the weather being disrupted by lasers that NASA was shooting into the center of the earth), and Allan Wesley was forced to crash land the plane on a small island just outside of the Florida keys (or so Allan Wesley hoped). They all ran around looking for shelter when Beth found a cave and they all went in. When morning came, they found a small paper note on the wall of the cave by where they had slept. Under the note was a small wooden box. The note read: "So Bethy, you thought you could take my Sue away from me. Well what you didn't know was that i work for NASA and can see you all the time, by my high tech spy satelites. I left you just enough food to live for one week, i hope you enjoy your stay at Lazie (long for Lazer) Island. Just then this suave rich sailor, named Brad, landed his 500 million dollar yacht along side the island, (because he saw smoke comming from the island) and because he was a curios soul (and hoping to find love, since this is a "romantic" story), swam to shore. He found the cave w/the distrought young travelers, saw Sue, and . . .

Brad Desatnik