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Popcorn Text Adventure

Popcorn is a text based adventure game I wrote with the help of my brother Steven. The idea of the game is to eat popcorn and watch tv.

The game understands simple two word verb-noun sentences, like "go kitchen". It also ignores words like "the", "in", and "to" so "go to the kitchen" works too. To reduce typing, you can also click on the name of an object and the name will be copied to the text entry area.

There are also two one word commands you can use, help and turns. Help gives you a bit of advice about the room you're in if you get stuck. Turns tells you how many turns (understood commands) you've used, as well as how long you have been playing.

Be sure to look at everything. There are no save or load commands, so if you quit playing in the middle, you'll have to reaplay everything to get back to where you were. Enjoy!

Note that after the game is done loading you can keep playing off-line; you don't need to be connected to the internet to play. (Which helps if your modem is using your only phone line and someone else want's to make a call while you want to play the game. This is imperative if you live in a house like mine.)

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